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    26 September, 2017
Prime Minister Skerrit on Monday 25th September 2017.
DOMLEC (electricity)
As at 4:30 pm yesterday September 24, 2017, DOMLEC was 500ft from PMH. DOMLEC expects to connect PMH by  tomorrow Tuesday September 26, 2017. Simultaineously work is ongoing to restore electricity to the Portmouth Hospital. This week, work will continue on the upper Goodwill feeder so that electricity could be restored to essential services and the Stadium. cou
DOWASCO (water)
Work on DOWASCO’s main supply at Antrim is ongoing. This system supplies water to consumers from Castle Comfort to Mero. DOWASCO expects the system to be functional by tomorrow evening Tuesday September 26, 2017. Following this, an assessment of pipe will be undertaken.
The Belles/Penrice/Syvania water system is expected to be restored by tomorrow eveningTuesday September 26, 2017.
The water system servicing the Wesley/Woodfordhill area was extensively damaged. All new pipes installed following the passage of TS Erika were lost.
From the North end system initial assessment determined that most of the pipes are in tact. Equipment has been mobilized to create access.
Assessment of the Portsmouth and La Plaine Systems are ongoing.
Three cell sites are operational and there is coverage from Pointe Michel to Jimmit
The following FLOW cell sites have been restored:
1. DBS
2. Roseau
3. Windsor Park Stadium
4. Canefield and
5. Morne Daniel
However, coverage is available up to Coulibistrie
Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Maria, the Government of Dominica, in conjunction with several private individuals and companies, strategically deployed various types of heavy equipment (excavators, frontend loaders, backhoes etc) along every major route/region around the country. Following the passage of Maria, work began immediately and today I please to report that the following areas are now assessable to vehicular traffic:
1. Melville Hall to Roseau via Kalinago Territory/Castle Bruce/Pond Casse and through to the Canefield Imperial Road or Sultan to Warner Road. Work is ongoing on the Nicholas Liverpool Highway (Pond Casse to Hatton Road via Belles) and should be accessible by the end of this week.
2. Melville Hall to Portsmouth;
3. E. O. Leblanc Highway (Portsmouth to Roseau) is accessible; however 4-wheel drive vehicles are required to the Batalie River Crossing. Work to restore the Batalie Bailey Bridge is ongoing and should be completed by the evening of Wednesday September 27, 2017;
4. Grand Fond to Roseau;
5. Sari Sari Laplaine to Roseau;
6. La Plaine to Boetica;
7. Good Hope to Roseau;
8. Roseau to Fond Canie, Trafalgar Junction to Trafalgar and Trafalgar Junction to Laudat. The Roseau Valley Road (Laudat to Roseau and Trafalgar to Roseau) will be opened by the end of today). Once the main Roseau Valley Road is open, clearing works will begin to access the communities of Morne Prosper and Wotten Waven;
9. Roseau to Wall House Junction;
10. Pointe Michel to Carib Sand and Stone;
Work in ongoing in the following areas:
1. Fond Canie
2. Nicholas Liverpool Highway (Pond Casse to Hatton Garden)
3. Bellevue to Loubiere
4. Grand Bay to Bellevue;
5. Batalie Bailey Bridge
6. Roseau 
7. Good Hope to Petite Soufriere
8. Fortune to Giraudel
Work will begin today:
Pointe Michel to Soufriere
Castle Comfort to Giraudel
Boetica to Delices
  22 October, 2017  
Meeting with Prime Minister Friday 27th October 7 pm to 9 pm
The Dominica High Commission is pleased to announce that the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit,
  17 October, 2017  
Fellow Dominicans, residents, Friends of Dominica... Daily over the past week we updated you on various aspects of our relief and recovery efforts. Two weeks ago I shared with you the broad outlines of our vision and plan going forward.
  12 October, 2017  
Telling Our Story
Saturday 14-10-17 Lister Hall, Leytonstone, Doors 7pm - 9:30pm with interval

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