The High Commission for The Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Diaspora Connect

Welcome to Diaspora connect, a forum for Dominican Diaspora in the UK  and Europe, associations, events, citizen registration and news and more.

If you have settled in the United Kingdom, or will be spending a few years here during your study or your expat stay and would like to find more information concerning the Diaspora or are keen to meet other Dominicans residing and working here, you can contact the associations listed below.


Diaspora Mandate  

The Dominica High Commission in London aims to harness the diverse skills, expertise and potential of Dominicans living abroad and facilitating their integration into the national development agenda. 

The Government of Dominica recognises the huge and untapped potential of Dominicans abroad can contribute to the country's national development agenda.


The objectives of Diaspora Connect are to: 

  • Provide effective and responsive consular services; 
  • Facilitate Dominicans Abroad to participate in national development; 
  • Promote the access by Dominicans to the international labour market; 
  • Utilise outstanding Dominicans, and 
  • Tap into the skills and resources of the Dominicans Abroad for national development. 


Associations and Groups Registered with the Dominica High Commission

WCTI - Whaitukubuli Culture & Tourism Initiative (facebook)

Dominica Association of Bradford | 01274 770 218

CIF - Colihaut In Focus | | 


DNDDF - Dominica National Development & Disaster Fund

DUKA - Dominica UK Association | | +44 7712 894 518

DASSSA - Dominica Secondary Schools Supporters Association | | 0844 357 7537

DONA - Dominica Overseas National Association | | 0208 992 0142

DCA - Dominica Carib Association

GBUKA - Grand Bay UK Alliance (facebook)



Please note that the High Commission cannot be held responsible for the information provided by the associations, or for the contents of websites accessed through this page.

*If you wish to resister your association with the Dominica High Commission please email