The Government and people of Dominica desperately need your support. 

Help to rebuild a better country for us all.

The Dominica High Commission wishes to THANK all who have donated generously on the Justgiving website as well as directly into the accounts. The total amount collected via and the DHC dedicated Hurricane Maria bank account is £294,937.26 (1st Dec 2017). To have visibility of the updated amounts on the web page please click on the link. For the direct account, we will provide monthly updates of the total amount.


For transparency, the monies donated by you will be used for Government approved projects. The list is endless, however, here are some areas of interest for this Government:-  


  • Rebuilding of Schools and enhancing our educational departments; we believe the children are our future and as such continue to strive to provide the best education for our children.


  • The Sports department;  sport can generate a variety of socio-economic benefits. Sport can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society.


  • Hospitals, prior to Hurricane Maria, the Government of Dominica had embarked on the rebuilding of a  New National Hospital, whilst there has been an impact by the hurricane, the work is progressing and will continue to need funding.


  • Health Centres facilitate the extension of care in remote and rural areas.


  • Elderly Homes, taking care of our elderly is at the heart of this Government interest and as such funding is also required to meet the needs of our elderly.


  • Arts and Culture play an important role in improving the lives of ordinary people as well as mobilizing communities,  turns neighbourhoods into places of interest to their residents and to visitors to the villages or towns.  


To facilitate the above we intend to publish approved projects with estimated costs and provide progress status on the projects. This will also serve as an opportunity for individuals or associations wanting to support specific projects in the future that are better aligned with their own personal interests, goals and objectives.



Financial Contribution

Donations can be made online via our justgiving account. (Click on the images below)

An official bank account has also been established for those who wish to donate cash, large corporate donations, and from outside the UK..  Specific bank account details are:

GBP STERLING: (Direct from the UK)


Barclays Bank 

SWIFTBIC:             BARCGB22

IBANGB30:            BARC 2080 1493 9923 30

Account No:          93992330

Sort Code:             20-80-14

Reference:            yournameDAHurricaneMaria

Account Name:    Dominica Relief Fund



Federal Reserve Bank (NY)


Account With Institution: ECCB


ECCB's Account Nuo. at the Fed: 021083695

For Further credit: Government of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005

GBP STERLING: (From outside the UK)


Bank of England


Account with Institution: ECCB


ECCB'S Account No. at the BoE: 40920003

For further credit: Government of Dominica Call Account

Account Number: 310301005