Frequently asked questions

Where can I travel visa-free on a Dominica Passport?

European Union Shenghen countries Caribbean States Caricom States Andorra Armenia (issued on arrival) Australia (issued on arrival) Bahrain (issued on arrival) Bangladesh (issued on arrival) Belarus (issued on arrival) Bolivia (issued on arrival) Botswana Brazil British Vergin Islands Combodia (issued on arrival) Cape Verde (issued on arrival) China (issued on arrival) Christmas Islands (issued on arrival) Cocos Islands (issued on arrival) Colombia Comoros (issued on arrival) Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Djibouti (issued on arrival) Ecuador Egypt (issued on arrival) Estonia Fiji Finland French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon (issued on arrival) Gambia Georgia (issued on arrival) Ghana (issued on arrival) Gibraltar Gudeloupe Guinea-Bissau (issued on arrival) Haiti Hong Kong Iceland India (issued on arrival) Indonesia Iran (issued on arrival) Iraq (issued on arrival) Israel Jordan (issued on arrival) Kenya Korea (South) Laos (issued on arrival) Latvia Lesotho Liberia (issued on arrival) Liechtenstin Lithuania Macao Madagascar (issued on arrival) Malawi Malaysia Maldives (issued on arrival) Malta Martinique Mauritania (issued on arrival) Mauritius Micronesia Moldova (issued on arrival) Monaco Montenegro Mozambique (issued on arrival) Nepal (issued on arrival) Nicaragua Nigeria Niue Norfolk Islands (issued on arrival) Palau (issued on arrival) Panama Peru Philippines Qatar (issued on arrival) Rwanda (issued on arrival) Saint Helena Saint Pierre and Miquelon Samoa (issued on arrival) San Marino Sao Tome & Principe (issued on arrival) Seychelles (issued on arrival) Singapore Slovakia Solomon Islands (issued on arrival) Somalia (issued on arrival) Sri Lanka (issued on arrival) Swaziland Switzerland Taiwan (issued on arrival) Tanzania Timor-Leste (issued on arrival) Togo (issued on arrival) Tonga (issued on arrival) Turkey (issued on arrival) Tuvalu (issued on arrival) Uganda (issued on arrival) Ukraine (issued on arrival) United Arab Emirates (issued on arrival) Uraguay Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Zambia Zimbabwe (issued on arrival)

How do I repatriate human remains to Dominica?

The Returning Residents Information Manual (PDF, 820 KB) contains information to facilitate the smooth resettlement of Domincans living abroad into Dominican society. The Manual includes information on: Tax concessions on household and personal effects, tools of trade, vehicles Investment incentives Importing dogs and cats Importing plants Importing human remains Health Care Banking

How do I obtain a birth Certificate from abroad?

Please visit the link below. Birth Certificate

I wish to get married in Dominica, how do I go about this?

The link below will provide all the information required: Marriage Certificate

Where can I find the latest information on the progress in Dominica?

Up-to-date information on the relief and reconstruction efforts can be found via the Office of the Prime Minister’s daily press briefing, a link to which can be found at www.opm.gov.dm. Recordings of such briefings can also be found on the video player here or the UN's situation reports here

Can I ship personal items and what will happen to my personal shipments sent to Dominica?

Yes you can! Personal relief items consigned to families and friends are being accepted in Dominica (as announced on 30th September 2017). Customs charges have been waived for the current time (6 months period was the allocated period). You will need to contact your local shipping agent for updates and details of shipping arrangements.

Where can I find information related to the distribution of the relief supplies?

A bi-weekly Situation Report is produced by the United Nations in collaboration with humanitarian partners in Dominica and provides an overview of the relief effort in Dominica along with useful contact information.

Are relief supplies being sent to specific communities/parishes in Dominica?

Taking into account the extent to which Dominica’s road infrastructure has been compromised by Hurricane Maria, the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is making every effort to ensure that all communities in Dominica are provided with essential relief supplies. Further information on the distribution of relief supplies can also be found in the United Nations Situation Report here.

I have a query related to the renewal of my passport/visa: how can the High Commission help?

Every effort is being made to return to business as usual. However, the operations of the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security have been compromised due to Hurricane Maria and as such, there are delays in processing passports and other travel documents. The High Commission can continue to accept passport applications for urgent matters. However, the processing times at the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security are longer than usual.