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National Anthem

Isle of Beauty


Isle of beauty, isle of splendour,
Isle to all so sweet and fair,
All must surely gaze in wonder,
At thy gifts so rich and rare,
Rivers, valleys, hills and mountains,
All these gifts we do extol,
Healthy lands so like all fountains,
Giving cheer that warms the soul.


Dominica God hath blest
With a clime benign and bright,
Pastures green and flow’rs of beauty,
Filling all with pure delight,
And a people strong and healthy,
Full of Godly reverent fear,
May we ever seek to praise 
For these gifts so rich and rare.


Come ye forward, sons and daughters,
Of this Gem beyond compare,
Strive for honour sons and daughters,
Do the right be firm be fair,
Toil with hearts and hands and voices,
We must prosper! Sound the call,
In which everyone rejoices,
"All for Each and Each for All".

National Pledge

The National Pledge was written by Peter Israel.


"Before God and all mankind,
I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the Commonwealth of Dominica 
and to the Sovereign Republic for which it stands; 
my love, my loyalty and skills, 
in the service of Dominica and my fellow citizens. 
I promise to work diligently and to help build
a prosperous and peaceful Nation."

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Nathional Anthem -
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National Prayer

The Response is "WE GIVE THEE THANKS, O GOD."

Let us pray

Let us give thanks for all God's goodness and the wonderful heritage into which we have entered: For Dominica, our island home, the land of our birth –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the majesty of our hills, the beauty of our valleys, the flaming loveliness of our gardens -

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the warmth and brightness of our days and the calm and peace of our countryside –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the rich heritage of our people coming from many races, and yet one in purpose, in achievement, and in destiny; and for the dignity of labour and the service given by every citizen of our land –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the high privilege and responsibility and for bringing us to nationhood –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For our parents, teachers, religious, and other leaders and all those who in every walk of life are helping to prepare us for responsible citizenship; and for all those who are giving voluntary service in the public interest –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the poets, artists, and thinkers and all who create in us the vision of a new and better society –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.

For the Godly heritage, the example of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice of our fathers in the faith –

Response: We give Thee thanks, O God.


Bless, we pray Thee, our President, our Prime Minister, and other Ministers of State, our Parliament, and all who are set in authority over us and grant that under them we may be peacefully and justly governed -

Response: Hear us we beseech Thee, O God.

Grant us love and compassion for all those in need and distress, help us to remove poverty and ignorance from our land, and grant us prosperity and true wisdom, we pray –

Response: Hear us we beseech Thee, O God.

Forgive us all that is unworthy and evil in our nation's life, establish us in righteousness, and inspire us to work for universal brotherhood, we pray –

Response: Hear us we beseech Thee, O God.

Guide and bless our nation, we pray and make us loyal and dutiful citizens through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

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